Quick Interview Feedback: Why It's Crucial To Hospital's Hiring

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In any profession, quick feedback after an interview is highly advisable for a number of reasons. Firstly, same day feedback is essential for maintaining a positive candidate experience. Waiting days or weeks for a response can be frustrating and demotivating for candidates, leading them to lose interest in the position or your organisation altogether. By providing prompt feedback, employers can help to ensure that candidates feel valued and respected, regardless of the outcome of the interview. If a candidate is ultimately successful at interview but is told they need to wait two weeks for the result, feedback shows they often feel as though they are not wanted, and are increasingly likely to explore other options, as well as mention to their friends and colleagues in the industry who might be considering an application to your hospital about their experience, ultimately increasing the chances they are put off from applying entirely.

Secondly, same day feedback demonstrates professionalism and respect for the candidate's time and effort. It shows that the employer values their interest in the position and is committed to keeping them informed throughout the hiring process. These days, candidates expect results within 24-48 hours and research shows each successive day after that time period reduces the likelihood of the average candidate taking the job by between 8% and 15% day on day.

Thirdly, prompt feedback allows the employer to secure top talent quickly. In the competitive healthcare industry, candidates may be considering multiple job offers. Providing feedback on the same day as the interview can increase the likelihood that the candidate will choose your organisation over other options.

Finally, the faster you source and secure talent, the faster they are able to start. A two week delay to interview candidates when you have already interviewed a candidate who ticks all the boxes you set out ultimately delays the time when the gap is filled.In summary, same day feedback after an interview is critical in the healthcare profession. It demonstrates professionalism and respect, help to secure top talent quickly, and maintains a positive candidate experience. By prioritising prompt and transparent communication post-interview, healthcare organisations can improve their hiring processes and attract the best candidates for their positions.

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