A Nurse’s View On Medimatch: Alejandra Olayo

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Medimatch CEO, Philip Braham, meets with Medimatch nurse, Alejandra Olayo, who recently found her dream job through the platform. She explains her experience on Medimatch and why she would recommend it to others.

Philip Braham: Firstly, what was it that made you sign up to Medimatch in the first place?

Alejandra Olayo: “Medimatch looked to be a different platform to look for a new role that I hadn’t seen before, and it turned out to be new, quick and easy.”

PhilipWhen you signed up to the platform, what was your experience like?

Alejandra: “Signing up to Medimatch was very quick and while creating my profile I was happily surprised about the very interesting options to choose from to make the search more personalised. It took a very unique and different approach to search for a job.”

Philip: What is the best part about joining  Medimatch?

Alejandra: “The best part was not only finding my dream job, but also the constant support from the Medimatch team throughout the process and the nursing community that has been created as a result.”

Philip: How quick were your matches? 

Alejandra: “They came through very quickly, I don’t remember exactly how long it took for me to receive the first match, but I know it was unexpectedly quick!”

Philip: What advice would you give to other nurses? 

Alejandra: “I would advise them that it’s time to take control! Nursing is not about just having a job, it’s about loving the work you’re doing. Leave your comfort zone to jump into the dream job, it might look a bit scary but is absolutely worth it and very easy to do through Medimatch!”

Philip: Finally, did you yourself get hired via Medimatch and how’s your job going?

Alejandra: “Yes I did, I was hired as a Specialist Nurse, something I’ve never done before but I was offered this fantastic opportunity that I couldn’t resist…so far I’m very happy. I am loving my new job that Medimatch found me, after a few hard years I recovered my passion for nursing. Couldn’t be happier!!!”

If you, like Alejandra was, are considering exploring new permanent job opportunities, then sign up to Medimatch here in just 5 minutes!

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