Cygnet Onboarded to Medimatch to Turbocharge Their Nurse Hiring

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If you’re a nurse looking for a new job, then you may want to consider Cygnet Health Care. Established in 1988, Cygnet Health Care has become one of the leading providers of health and social care services in the UK. With an extensive range of services and locations across the country, it’s no wonder why nurses are turning to this organisation for employment opportunities. Let’s take a look at what makes Cygnet Health Care so special. 

History of the Organisation

Cygnet Health Care was founded almost 35 years ago with the mission to provide quality care and treatment to individuals with mental health needs, learning disabilities and autism. Since then they have grown rapidly, with 10,000 employees empowering 2864 individuals across 150 services to consistently make a positive difference to their lives, through service-user focused care and rehabilitation. 

Services Cygnet Specialise In

At Cygnet Health Care, they wide range of services for individuals with mental health needs, learning disabilities and autism within the UK. They also provide outpatient treatment programs as well as residential services which include 24-hour nursing care. Additionally, they offer specialist mental health rehabilitation services including secure, acute and PICU, CAMHS, personality disorder and many others.

Locations & Size

Cygnet Health Care currently operates more than 150 services in England, Scotland and Wales with over 10,000 employees working there including psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses. Their locations range from city centres to rural villages depending on the type of care being provided. The size of their workforce allows them to provide quality care while also providing flexible work schedules to suit individual needs - perfect for those who need flexibility in their role! 

Reasons To Work There As A Nurse                            

If you’re a nurse considering a job at Cygnet Health Care then there are plenty of reasons why it might be the right career move for you! Not only do they offer competitive salaries but they also offer excellent training opportunities which will help you develop your clinical skillset whilst allowing you to make valuable connections within your field. Additionally, their commitment to service user safety means that you can feel confident knowing that your efforts will be making a real difference to people’s lives every single day! 

Cygnet Health Care is one of the leading providers of mental health, learning disabilities and autism services in the UK. With 150 services located in England, Scotland and Wales and an experienced team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses - it's no wonder that many nurses are choosing this organisation for their next role! If you're looking for great career opportunities with plenty of flexibility then Cygnet Health Care could be just what you're looking for!

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