Understanding the Healthcare Agency Staffing Frameworks

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Healthcare professionals are a vital part of the healthcare industry. One of the significant challenges faced by healthcare organizations is finding the right talent to deliver high-quality care. The creation of healthcare agency staffing frameworks has revolutionized the approach to staffing in the healthcare industry. This article delves into what a healthcare agency staffing framework entails, the reasons behind their creation, who benefits from the frameworks, how agencies get onto the frameworks, and the benefits that come with being part of the agency staffing framework.

What is a Healthcare Agency Staffing Framework?

A healthcare agency staffing framework is a pre-approved list of agencies that a healthcare organization can select from when in need of temporary staffing solutions. The framework is a centralized system that streamlines the process of sourcing and procuring temporary staff for a healthcare organization. Typically, the framework is a long-term agreement between the healthcare organization and the agencies, usually covering a minimum of three years. The framework has specific criteria, ensuring the agencies meet pre-determined standards.

Reasons for the Creation of Healthcare Agency Staffing Frameworks

The creation of healthcare agency staffing frameworks is driven by several factors. One of the primary reasons is the need for a centralized system that provides a consistent and professional approach to procuring temporary staff. The frameworks also aim to remove the administrative burden placed on organizations when procuring temporary staff. The schemes reduce duplication, provide cost savings, and encourage innovation in the healthcare industry by offering a level playing field for both large and small agencies.

Who Benefits from the Frameworks?

The frameworks benefit everyone involved in the staffing process. For healthcare organizations, the frameworks offer conformity, quality control, and cost-effectiveness in procuring temporary staff. For the agencies, being part of the framework opens the platform to increased business opportunities with the healthcare organization and a level playing field compared to larger agencies. The healthcare professionals also benefit from the framework as they can access a more extensive range of temporary job opportunities across different healthcare organizations.

How Agencies Get onto the Frameworks?

To be part of a healthcare agency staffing framework, the agencies must undergo a rigorous procurement process. The process involves rigorous checks to ensure that the agencies meet the criteria in areas such as financial and insurance standing, compliance with industry standards, adherence to professional codes of conduct, and level of service provided. Once the procurement process is successful, the agency enters into a long-term agreement with the healthcare organization and must adhere to the framework code of conduct.

Benefits to Healthcare Professionals

Being part of a healthcare agency staffing framework presents a range of benefits to healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals can access work opportunities quickly and easily through the centralized system. This means that the work process is streamlined, and they can be sure of consistent quality service provided by the participating agencies. The frameworks also provide opportunities to access a range of job opportunities, including the ability to gain experience working in different healthcare environments.

Healthcare agency staffing frameworks have revolutionized the process of procuring temporary staff. The frameworks provide a centralized system that offers quality control, conformity, and cost-effectiveness in the procurement process. Being part of the framework presents a range of benefits to healthcare organizations, agencies, and healthcare professionals. The procurement process for agencies is stringent, ensuring that participating agencies meet the established criteria. With healthcare agency staffing frameworks, healthcare professionals have access to more job opportunities, making the process of finding work more streamlined and efficient.

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